E Plug is an highly experienced and educated organization that has succeeded in developing and patented a new and unique method for transferring down-hole forces from one tool to another without the use of explosives or pressurized chambers.

This method is proven in the newly released ISO 14310V0 qualified 5 ½” TorcPlug®. This Plug have unique multiple set features giving clients the ability to perform well operations in a new and more efficient way, by reducing number of runs.

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Save up to 42% operation time

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By using the released TorcPlug® system you will save at least one run for each operation where a Plug is used for integrity testing.
Studies of several operations including integrity testing shows that by using the TorcPlug® there is a potential of saving up to 42% operation time.

This is achieved by implanting the TorcMethod in to the TorcPlug®.


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