E Plug is an highly experienced and educated organization that has succeeded in developing and patented a new and unique method for transferring down-hole forces from one tool to another without the use of explosives or pressurized chambers.

This method is proven in the newly released ISO 14310V0 qualified 5 ½” TorcPlug®. This Plug have unique multiple set features giving clients the ability to perform well operations in a new and more efficient way, by reducing number of runs.

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By using the released TorcPlug® system you will save at least one run for each operation where a Plug is used for integrity testing.

Studies of several operations including integrity testing shows that by using the TorcPlug® there is a potential of saving up to 42% operation time.

This is achieved by implanting the TorcMethod in to the TorcPlug®.

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ICoTA Dual Award Winner

icota awards
After attending the SPE/ICoTA Coil Tubing and Well Intervention conference in Houston in march 2016 E Plug had both presented its first SPE paper on the technology and won its second award from ICoTA for the TorcPlug technology.

E Plug now holds the Innovation Award from ICoTA's european chapter and the Well Intervention Technology Award from ICoTA in Houston

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ICoTA Europe Award Winner

2015 icota innovation winner
E Plug won the ICoTA European chapter's Well Innovation award at this years conference in Aberdeen on wednesday the 11th of November.

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Successful Field Trial
E Plug and Welltec have successfully run the TorcPlug and EMT in a north sea offshore well.

The plug was run for leak detection and set at three different depths before it was retrieved to surface.

The whole operation was performed in one single run.

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