Who are we?

Our identity and values

Who are we?

E Plug is a technology development company working primarily with down hole products making well intervention and completion operations more efficient.

Our focus in E Plug is to develop electric/mechanichal well technology products using the TorcMethod providing the industry with the next generation - disruptive and more efficient - down hole technology.

​The team are developing solutions that enables operators to perform more operations in one single run using the Electric Manipulation Tool.

We take on challenges from all parts of the world where the TorcMethod can be used to optimize current operations or to run a new type of tool.

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Some of the E Plug Team

Our employees have extensive experience with design and operations. 
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Thomas Bergan Johansen
Managing Partner

Mobile: +47 982 45 528
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Tom Henning Bode
Operations Manager

Mobile: +47 982 45 535
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Frode Flugheim Heggestad
R&D Manager

Mobile: +47 916 36 131
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Hein Andre Langaker

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