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Electric Manipulation Tool

The EMT uses the TorcMethod to transfer controlled rotation and torque to incredible axial loads.

Featuring a full down hole telemetry package enabling the operator to monitor what is happening during the whole operation and control the manipulation and forces the EMT represents a disruptive technology to the wireline market.

Being fully electric/mechanical the EMT adds a new way to operate down hole tools such as the TorcPlug using the patented TorcMethod in environments with temperatures up to 150 deg C and pressures up to 25000 psi. The two tools can be used to run and retrieve more than one plug size.

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Technical Data
ProductName Max OD Max Torque Length
EMT-355 Slim 3,55" 5600Nm 2,70m
EMT-415 Short 4,15" 5600Nm 2,17m