The value of real time data

Being able to evaluate what is happening down hole provides valuable data for decision making.

In this operations the TorcPlug was run in hole on tractor to act as an isolation device while performing an integrity test of the well. When the TorcPlug was set the first time the real time data read on surface provided clear indications that the TorcPlug had set in some sort of hard debris. After consulting with the client it was determined that the debris likely was some sort of solidified cement residue.

Since pressure testing against the plug in this environment would introduce additional risks the TorcPlug was released and moved back up the well bore to another area where it was set again. This time the data on surface was as expected and provided clear indication that the TorcPlug was set in a clean environment.

After successfully performing the integrity test the TorcPlug was released and retrieved to surface where it was inspected and clearly showed that it had encountered cement during its time in the well.

Having the ability to re-position the TorcPlug along with the setting data visualized on surface provides the benefit of mitigating the risk of setting a plug in a challenging environment where it may slide or not seal. In this scenario the TorcPlug provided positive verification of a challenging setting area and also enabled the client to move the TorcPlug up hole, perform the integrity test, and safely come out of the hole, in just one run.